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Olympic Gold

Those of you who know our family will be pleased to know that Will’s girlfriend Sarah won Olympic Gold for Ski Slopestyle on Saturday, skiing for the Swiss team. Sarah Hoefflin
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New Tab for Events

You may have noticed a new tab – EVENTS will be listed there, so you can easily find out when we will be near you. Any last minute changes will be added to our Facebook page
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You never know …

You never know where your next order will come from We’ve just had a lovely conversation with a lady in Edinburgh who’d been sitting in a waiting room and was taken by the lovely aroma from behind her! She enquired what it was and someone was applying our Silky Hand Cream with Geranium and Orange,...
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BeeInspired goes to Parliament!

There was a definite buzz in the air when we flitted off to Parliament recently (15/09/2016) to wax lyrical about the wonderful world of bees. We were absolutely overjoyed to be asked to showcase our wares to an All Party Parliamentary Group for Bees, along with the British Beekeepers Association, Surrey beekeepers -Kingston division, Friends...
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Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards, BeeInspired have entered

Janey Lee Grace, broadcaster, journalist and natural health proponent is hosting the 2016 Platinum Awards and we have submitted 3 of our superb creams! Follow this link and read Janey’s review on Facebook, of our creams and let’s hope that , along with her panel of judges, they approve! http://imperfectlynatural.com/janey-loves-2016-platinum-awards-entry-selected-sneak-preview-beeinspired-creams/ Fab Face Cream with jasmine...
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