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Bees and Us

Bees and Us

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BeeInspired is delighted to welcome you to our world, a world bursting with natural goodness.

Inspired by ingenious and industrious bees, we have created a range of hand-made skincare and home products which will leave you and your home simply begging for more.

We are passionate bee keepers with more than 20 years’ experience of working with these beautiful critters. BeeInspired’s ethos is refreshingly transparent: our products are natural, simple, effective and free from hype.  They are also honestly priced.

Additionally, we believe we have an added advantage, in that we look after the bees ourselves at our hives near Hampton Court Palace in Surrey.   We also lovingly and painstakingly make the products at home in Thames Ditton so we can truly say we are involved in the process from the very start through to the finished product.

Alison’s love affair with bees happened almost by accident.

“…….a friend and I used to spend idyllic afternoons working away on our nearby allotment.  Not being huge fans of shopping, our idea of escape was to grab a trowel and trug and head to the plot. It was there that I met a bunch of friendly bee keepers whose obvious delight at keeping such fascinating insects was highly infectious. Indeed I was given my first set of bees by none-other than a man called Tim Lovett, who it turned out was a pretty important person within the British Beekeepers Association and who knew a thing or two about bees.

A number of years later I met Diane, who would become a great friend, and together we formulated our first creams.  These days we two friends keep bees.  However it’s my husband Robin and I who now create the products and design our packaging too.  Throughout the process we have remained true to our aim of producing items which we are proud to put our name to and which we use on a daily basis ……”

All our products contain the BeeInspired unique ‘BLEND’ of being:






Natural beeswax and honey are at the centre of all our products.  Their natural healing benefits are well known; including having antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties.  In addition to being superb natural moisturisers for our skin, they retain the moisture as well as good looks in wood and leather products too.  What’s not to love?

In line with our holistic approach, we only use the best essential natural ingredients.  So you won’t find any unnecessary or harmful surprises in our products.  We know too they shouldn’t harm your skin or irritate you as we have tested them on ourselves and our lucky friends.  

Our products are simple, wholesome and effective, even if we do say so ourselves.  You won’t find a whiff of petrochemicals or any other additions in our goods. We choose only the best, with each ingredient having been carefully selected for its efficacy.  So we feel happy to say our bee beautiful products are brilliant for you and have as little impact on the environment as possible.

We think it’s fair to say our creams for skincare and home have an integrity which we feel is unsurpassed.  Have a look at our ranges, try some and feel the benefits of nature working with you.  Whilst we are happy to ship our items worldwide, we know sometimes there is no substitute for smelling, using or feeling a product.  So if you would like to come and meet us and sample and feel and smell all our products, have a look at our fairs and events page to see where you can catch us.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to drop us a line, email or call.  We will endeavour to reply within a day or two.  But please bear with us.  We personally answer all enquiries – so you can be assured of interacting with a real person, and not someone in a call centre or an automated system.

Enjoy BeeingInspired – we do!

Alison and Robin Derrick.



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