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We Have Won the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2018 for BEST HandCream!

We Have Won the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2018 for BEST HandCream!

Winner Judged by Natural Health Team

BeeInspired Silky Hand Cream Geranium and Orange

The holy grail of hand creams – it feels nourishing without leaving a greasy residue. It sinks in quickly, soothes and keeps hands hydrated for a long time

As though being called “The holy grail of handcreams” wasn’t enough, we are very chuffed to have been placed above household names Tropic and Liz Earle … had you told us when we started our cottage industry 8 years ago that we would be beating Liz Earle in an International award category …we would hardly have dared to hope for this!

One award judged one of our products second only to established ethical brand Weleda!

Our Beeswax foodwraps won the Best Eco Product in the Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby 2018

To celebrate with us, we are inviting you to enjoy a 15% off coupon code on our skincare range, it is also valid on the BeeswaxWraps too!.

Use Code Winners2018 to obtain your discount on your next 2 orders, closing date 14 August 2018. Terms and Conditions apply


Terms and Conditions:

Code can be used twice per customer.

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other code.

Code expires 23:59hrs 14 August 2018

Valid on skincare items and Beeswax Wraps only.

Not valid on any household items apart from the Beeswax Wraps.

Not valid on P&P or gift wrapping

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